Ronan Chardonneau

/* Trainer and consultant on Matomo Analytics */

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My experience about Matomo Analytics

I work since 2010 on Matomo Analytics (formerly named Piwik). I worked for the Matomo team from 2017 to 2019. Today, my main duty is to help institutions and businesses to use Matomo, by answering any needs they have. It can be organizing a training session, a workshop, a conference, designing a custom report, finding a solution to any issue they have such as scalability, custom development, bug investigations. To know more about my curriculum.. Training and consultancy are mostly performed remotely but moving physically to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, Belfast, Bristol, Nottingham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Leicester... could technically be possible.

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My services on Matomo

Matomo training in the United Kingdom


I am available in order to train your organization about any aspect of Matomo Analytics. My trainings depend before all of your needs. According to your needs I can create a specific training plan. The Matomo trainings I am giving can be of a minimum of half a day to a two days training. They can be done either remotely or physically.

Matomo consulting in the United Kingdom


The consulting services I am offering are very diverse. It can be about creating a custom report, a segment, a data export, an integration with a Business Intelligence tool, a workshop, a feasibility study. It consists in answering a specific need you have about Matomo Analytics. The price is based on the time I will spend on the project.

Matomo measurement plan in the United Kingdom

Measurement plan

It consists in defining together what are your needs in terms data collection. Then I am documenting them for your technical team. I am then performing the quality assessment in order to ensure that data are sent as expected to Matomo.

Matomo scalability service.


Maintaining a Matomo server can be hard when you start to have a lot of traffic. As this part is a really technical expertise, I prefer to put you through one of my partner in order to help you with scalability issues.

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